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A Wedding Venue? but this is a Farm...

 was our reaction to this suggestion!


Golden Creek Weddings & Events

   Golden Creek is owned and run by the Lepley family and close friends. David is a Veteran and an active firefighter Lieutenant. He has been in the fire service for the last 25 years. He began his career in fire service after 8 years in the military as an Army Lieutenant with the National Guard Engineering unit. 

   I, Lora, am an Elementary School Teacher currently teaching 4th grade English/Language Arts. I have been a teacher for 22 years, most of which was spent teaching Special Education Students.

   David and I have been married 26 years.

   We searched for the right property for over a year. When we saw the property, we were inspired to turn it into something special.  We are outdoors people and love to work the land. So we began as a small farm. We raised hogs, had, and still have, chickens, planted a large vegetable garden, and thought this land would be great to have a real working farm!

The land was purchased in April of 2013. It is located on a 99 acre tract of quiet land with rolling hills. The property had been clear-cut about 10 years prior and was full of stumps and overgrowth.

Indoor Wedding Setup.jpg

More about us...

    As we tried to get the farming side to work, we quickly realized how much more help we would need to really make this a farm. Then came the suggestion "Why don't you do weddings?" We had never thought about it and weren't sure if it was even feasible. Like any diligent business person, we did our research. We then decided to make a plan and begin the process of building a venue. We  spent the next 2 1/2  years bringing it to its new beautiful state. We have one son, Joshua, who worked along side us building this beautiful venue.  

    Golden Creek is now a piece of heaven just outside of the hustle and bustle of town full of only the sounds of nature but also still a working farm. We have cut out all the farm animals except the chickens, cats, and dogs and have focused on doing more planting instead of animal raising! This has allowed us to spend more time with the venue and focus on the needs of our couples. We like to give our couples the attention they deserve without distraction!

      We would love to share our little piece of heaven with you. Please come for a visit, there is plenty of room!!

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